15-Minute City Chaos as Vigilante Enforcers Clash with Public

Oxford City in the UK has become synonymous with the 15-minute City concept over the last number of months due to resistance by the public.

Oxford City has brought in radical measures to curb travel and personal transport within particular city zones. The 15-minute City project is described by Oxford City local authorities as a pilot project, but it has met with stiff public resistance in the form of complaints but also many instances of vandalism against the 15-minute infrastructure such as bollards.

In an odd turn of events, the vigilantism is not restricted to those opposing the 15-minute city concept that could see into the future car registration numbers being digitally recorded and fines attached for travelling outside the area beyond one’s permitted  allotted travel limits.

Video footage online has emerged of what appears top be vigilante enforcers blocking a drivers way at one such bollard. 

Watch footage below.