About Us

M-Compass Media is an Independent, non-funded platform for Citizen Journalists. Based in Ireland, we provide news and commentary from home and abroad.

The founders of M-Compass Media, Anna Kavanagh and Finbar Markey, were inspired to do so by the lack of balanced reporting and opinion in both national and international journalism and discourse.

Focussing primarily on news and events linked to Human Rights, Standard of Living, Ethics in Politics & Administration,  and Society in general, we strive to bring you balance in our Citizen Journalism.

Anna Kavanagh

Anna Kavanagh (MA), is a founder of M-Compass media. She is a retired Teacher, Founder and Convenor, Alliance of Birthmothers Campaigning  for Justice; Secretary, Stop CETA Alliance Ireland and author of a number of books. Anna is an Activist and Citizen Journalist who is passionate about truth and justice.

finbar markey

Finbar Markey (PhD) is a founder of M-Compass Media. He is a graduate from DkIT, graduating in Applied Social Care, and specialising in the study of organisational culture change in public institutions. Finbar has campaigned for many years against various injustices including evictions and the erosion of sovereignty and democracy. Finbar describes himself as an Activist and Citizen Journalist for truth, justice and equality.