ABC (Alliance Birthmothers Campaigning for Justice) a leading advocacy group for Birthmothers who are having difficulties with Tusla, the Family Courts and to a lesser extent with the Gardai have issued a statement welcoming the publication of a tender to provide a support service for the parents of children in care.
Since its establishment in 2019, ABC has been campaigning for the provision of this service.
Representatives of ABC met with the Children’s Rights Alliance last month who have been commissioned by Tusla to initiate the tendering process.
Barbara Scanlon, ABC spokesperson told the meeting that the proposed service to support Birthmothers must first of all be totally independent of Tusla and receive all of its funding through a channel separate to Tusla.
Ahead of the tendering process she outlined some of the roles and responsibilities that need to be built into the new support service for parents of children in care, including improved access for parents to their children in care coupled with counselling and legal supports.
She urged that the service be established under the remit of the Department of Justice, since the biggest difficulties facing Birthmothers are rooted in how they are dealt with in the secret Family Law Courts where they are outmanoeuvred by the very best legal teams Tusla can buy.
Speaking to M-Compass media, Barbara welcomed the publication of the tender for the new national service to support the parents of children in care.
“I welcome this initiative as one small step towards getting justice for Birthmothers and their children. ABC will be monitoring developments in the months ahead to ensure that the new service delivers proper support for parents whose children have been taken into care by Tusla,” she said.
The closing date for receipt of tenders is Wednesday 3 November.