Bakhmut Surrounded: Key Ukrainian Stronghold About to Fall

Current operational Map of Bakhmut

The town of Bakhmut (known as Artyomovsk in Russian) is now operationally surrounded. This has been confirmed by Wagner Group reports and Russian MOD briefings.

The key Ukrainian stronghold town comprised major fortifications built over the last eight years.

Ukraine’s military in Bakhmut has held out against intense Russian artillery assault for months.

It is reported that tens, possibly scores, of thousands of Ukraine’s soldiers have died defending the town.

With all main roads, railway links etc to Bakhmut now cut off by Russian forces, the only possibility of supply or escape for Ukraine’s remaining troops in the besieged town is through minor dirt roads and fields. Neither are fit for heavy vehicle.

If and when Russian forces completely capture or neutralise the remaining Ukrainian forces in Bakhmut, reliable analysts claim that Russia’s military will face few obstacles as they advance towards the Dnieper River.