Biden in Kiev: War-Talk or a Fond farewell?

US President Biden has visited Kiev promising more artillery and air-defence systems. The visit comes as Russian forces advance along the battle lines far from the capital.

Air raid sirens rang out throughout Kiev on Monday as Biden walked through a Kiev street with Ukraine’s President Zelensky. 

The purpose of the air-raid sirens remain a mystery as there was no air-raid and has been no reports of explosions in or near the city.

The sound effects did provide media and journalists with a heightened, theatrical atmosphere. 

Biden’s visit comes days after a NATO conference in Munich, Germany, where again NATO state leaders put on a brave face and made vague promises of further arming Ukraine.

The EU’s Foreign Commissioner said over the weekend that the EU must make every effort to arm Ukraine and make that the primary concern of the Union.

His comments inferred that the EU must look towards putting Industry on a war footing.