Junior Doctor “Had to Ask What an Obstetrician Was”

A Junior Doctor facing an Irish Medical Council Fitness-to-Practice Committee hearing has been accused of knowing “near-nothing” by a witness, and having to ask what an Obstetrician was. These are only some of the shocking revelations made at the inquiry at which Dr. Francis Megwa is accused of being unfit to practice medicine. Dr Megwa, who qualified in medicine in Romania in 2015, worked at the University Maternity Hospital Limerick between the 9th of July 2018 and the 14th of August 2018.

Dr Megwa was registered with the Irish Medical Council and possessed an EU medical qualification.

In his defence, Dr Megwa has argued that the hospital always knew he lacked experience. One of the Consultants that interviewed Dr Megwa for his post at UMHL said that there were problems with the recruitment process, but that it had improved.

The Irish examiner report on the IMC inquiry into Dr Megwas’ practice comes on foot of the release of an Internal HSE audit from 2019 that found that at least 700 Junior Doctors were not Garda-vetted before taking up their posts and no evidence that work-permits had been presented for 2,205 of the 6,000 Doctors audited. The audit also revealed that there was no evidence that references were followed up at all with regards to international appointment.

With a critical shortage of Doctors nationally and internationally, and a dysfunctional recruitment process, a discussion may soon be necessary regarding our failure as a state to educate and retain more doctors. The current system is clearly not working.