Large Crowds Gathering for ‘Anti Racism’ Rally in Dublin

An anti racism rally called by NGOs, Unions and Political parties is gathering in Dublin City, Ireland. The demonstration is in response to ‘anti-mass immigration’ rallies that have taken place in working class communities across the city for over two months.

Ireland has seen a massive increase in immigration in the last two years including refugees, economic migrants, asylum seeker applicants, and language students. Last year, over 220,000 national insurance numbers were issued to people from outside Ireland.

Ireland’s population until recently was just over four million people. There has been a housing crisis in Ireland for over ten years and services are not meeting demand.

There is also an ‘anti mass immigration’ demonstration planned for the city centre today.

That demonstration has not been organised by the community demonstrators from the likes of Eastwall and Finglas, who put out a statement distancing themselves from today’s anti-immigration protest in the city.