Mexico’s President Obrador Calmly Berates the United States’ Foreign Interference as US Threatens Military Intervention

Mexico’s President Obrador calmly takes the United States to task on their foreign interference and lack of democracy at home. 

The Labour Leader President of Mexico has been particularly outspoken on US foreign policy since taking office in 2018. He recently called for the release of Julian Assange and pledged to lead a campaign for the lifting of the embargo on Cuba.

Meanwhile, a Republican Law Maker in the US Congress has proposed a law facilitating US military intervention in Mexico to address drug cartels. 

Republican Congressman for Texas Dan Crankshaw has reportedly since made a public statement in Spanish asking why the Mexican President would object to such intervention.

President Obrador has robustly rejected any attempts at US military intervention in Mexico.

The matter is being raised in the US public mind with corporate media reports of two US citizens allegedly kidnapped by drug cartels in Mexico. Watch video below.