More Revelations: Ryan Tubridy Scandal further disappoints once loyal fans…

Ryan Tubridy’s star continues to fall as it is revealed that whilst he publicly decried child poverty, receiving public applaud for his humanity in taking a wage cut, behind the scenes he received guarantees his wages would not be cut.

Tubridy was also receiving secret extra payments from RTE from the public purse, money that may have been better served actually helping children in poverty.

Below is a headline from a November 2019 article in the ‘Irish Mirror’ newspaper in which Ryan Tubridy is reported to have agreed a pay cut, citing the fact that he is ‘haunted by children in poverty’.

Underneath that image is a Tweet by  Michael Lehane RTE Journalist, carrying a letter purportedly from RTE’s former Director General Dee Forbes to Ryan Tubridy and dated approximately 9 months after that Irish Mirror article.

In it Forbes guarantees Tubridy that there will be no deductions made to his contracted payments.

The tone and contents of the letter is suggestive of a negotiation process having taken place during which the matter of deductions had been raised by Tubridy or his representative.

Headline published when some RTE 'stars' accepted a paycut