Opposition Outrage at Baby-Homes Redress Scheme Hollow in Light of Silence at Ongoing TUSLA Controversies

The irony of so many politicians speaking out against the government decision to exclude babies six-months and younger from the Mother and Baby homes redress scheme despite the known lifelong trauma of separating a mother and baby, and whilst ignoring the estimated 1,000+ newborn babies Tusla has taken from their mothers since 2014.

We don’t know the exact number because Tusla says the don’t keep a national record on newborns taken into care.

The unbroken chain of state abuse of birth-mothers and their children is ongoing and like so many other scandals that have come to light in recent weeks, the government is fully aware of what ‘Child and Family Agency’ Tusla is doing to mothers and children, and they are desperately trying to keep the lid on it.

The media in the most part are complicit in maintaining the veil of silence.