Paddy Cosgrave Claims and Names Garda as Abusive Online Troll

Paddy Cosgrave, Irish Cyber Entrepreneur, co-founder of the Web-Summit and funder of investigative news site ‘the Ditch’ has claimed that a member of An Garda Síochána (Irish Police) is behind the abusive Twitter account called ‘Irish Radar Fella’, an account that has trolled and abused left-wing politicians and campaigners.

Cosgrave, in a Tweet, has named who he claims is the online Troll whose Twitter account dons a ‘NAFO’ (North Atlantic Fellas Association) symbol.

NAFO is a global online grouping of trolls dedicated to attacking and abusing anyone online that challenges the NATO/Ukraine narrative of the war in East Ukraine/West Russia. They usually identify themselves with online with a cartoon image of a dog character in human clothing.

NAFO’s method is to hurl abuse and insult online at those that challenge the narrative to shock their victims into silence.

‘Irish Radar Fella’ has trolled and abused Irish figures with no connection to the war in the East. 

Below is an example of Tweets from the account ‘Irish Radar Fella’