Anna Parnell: Forgotten Irish Land Reform Agitator

Anna Parnell was a central figure in the fight against evictions in Ireland in the second half of the 19th century. Side-lined by the male-dominated ‘Land League’ led by her brother Charles Stewart Parnell, Anna Parnell died in anonymity. Anna Kavanagh speaks with Lucy Keaveney about her work in raising up the memory of the great Anna Parnell.

Siobhán Dunleavy an amazingly inspirational lady talks about her new book ‘Accepting and Connecting with Muscular Dystrophy – How Spirituality Empowered Me to Strive When Faced with Adversity’. Click on headline/image to watch video.

Anna talks with Sharon Murphy and Neil Dennehy about growing and buying local, and how creating local, ethical and organic economies can mitigate climate change and food insecurity. Click on Headline/image to watch video.