Reporter’s search for truth got her fired

Louise Roseingrave is a freelance journalist who lost her work as a reporter for a national Irish newspaper over a year ago when she attempted to report on covid 19 vaccine injuries.

She was told by the editor: “I don’t want antivax stories in the paper….. it’s scaremongering. There’s always going to be a couple who have a reaction.”

This week Louise has published interviews with a number of people alleging they have been left with life-debilitating injuries after taking the Covid vaccine.

“It was like a torture chamber. There’s no other way to say it. It was like being trapped inside a torture chamber never knowing when I was going to get out,” Marie told her.

“I have felt gas-lit, ignored, discarded, forgotten about.  If every appointment and test takes six or twelve months when will I ever find answers? As time ticks by, am I missing out on valuable timue to reverse this? Does anybody care?” Janet asked.

Barry is married with two young children. He is in his early forties. Prior to his Pfizer vaccine, life revolved around his family, his dog, music and motorbike. He was fit, healthy, happy and productive. Now, he suffers chronic fatigue, persistent headaches, brain fog, memory problems, sound and light sensitivity.

Siobhan said: “My health is about 35% of what it was. Every day my whole body is in pain. It feels like I’m wearing a heavy, restrictive suit of lead. I feel delicate, lethargic, dysfunctional, nauseous.”

These are the tragic stories of real people ignored by the political establishment and locked out of mainstream media.

Such is the level of censorship on social media that YouTube removed the speech on Covid vaccine injuries given by Andrew Bridgen MP in the House of Commons last Friday, St Patrick’s Day. Following a storm on Twitter it was restored on Saturday. Interestingly it begins with the few MPs in the Chamber being ordered out by an unidentifiable Tory as Bridgen stood up to speak.

Meanwhile, Louise Roseingrave is probably the only journalist in Ireland reporting on Covid Vaccine Injuries. You will find Marie, Janet’s and other stories under ‘Latest’ on Louise’s substack page