Riots in Tiblisi, Georgia as ‘Peaceful’ Demonstrators Continue Unrest

Corporate media have been describing protests in Georgia’s capital, Tibilisi, as peaceful, but emerging video evidence suggest otherwise.

Below is footage of protests from Tibilisi showing rioters at barricades, similar to scenes in Maidan Square, Kiev, during the 2013/4 US backed coup in Kiev.

The protests were originally sparked by a new draft law being discussed in parliament requiring the registration of organisations receiving more than 20% of funding from outside of the state.

The United States has a similar and more strict law in place for decades to identify foreign interference in domestic affairs.

Corporate media has portrayed the protest movement as peaceful, and as with the Kiev protests of 2013/4, demands have emerged for joining with the EU and elements within the relatively small group of protesters have began rioting, attacking police and government offices. 

There are two videos below of recent rioting in Tibilisi.