Surrendering Soldiers Shot in the Back: Video

Sill image from video of execution of surrendering solders. Full video below.

Shocking video has emerged online showing what appears to be surrendering Ukrainian soldiers being shot in the back as they walk towards Russian lines with a white flag.

The video appears to show four, possibly five, soldiers in the light, pixelated Khaki uniform of Ukraine’s army. The are being filmed by the shooters from a ledge high above them and several hundred meters away.

The shooter/s open fire and the surrendering men fall to the ground.

Although it is impossible to establish the context of the video 100%, the dead men were wearing Ukrainian uniforms and carried a white flag. They were walking towards what can be presumed was Russian lines.

There is no other understanding of surrendering to the enemy with white flag in hand other than approaching the enemy face forward.

This being the case, and the fact they were shot from behind, suggests strongly they were shot by their own side for surrendering.

Ukraine’s military are renowned for their rear-guard troops such as ‘Kraken’ whose task it is to root out civilian dissenters and deal severely with their own troops that refuse to fight.

Ukraine is forcibly conscripting sixteen to sixty year olds with hundreds of videos online of conscription teams forcibly removing unwilling victims to be sent to the front lines. 

There is a growing belief amongst many commentators on the war that untrained conscripts are being sent to the worst fighting such as in Bakhmut in an effort to conserve experienced fighters for a Spring offensive.

Watch video below.