Imagine RTÉ giving the same coverage to reflecting on its role in promoting propaganda as it did to covering Tubridy’s pay?

Over the past several weeks, Ireland has been rocked by a scandal related to the significant undeclared earnings of Ryan Tubridy once the most prominent presenter on the state broadcaster.

In response to the revelations, Director General of RTÉ Dee Forbes tendered her resignation.

Tubridy and his agent Noel Kelly’s appearances this week before two Oireachtas Committees to account for the undeclared earnings generated significant media coverage across Ireland, including OJ Simpson-style live television coverage of the proceedings.

What has been noticeable however is how this extensive media attention is in stark contrast to the virtually non-existent mainstream media coverage of RTÉ’s endorsement of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset initiative over the past three years, intended to usher in a totalitarian global corporate dictatorship, where technology is used to stifle and censor debate.

From the outset of the ‘Covid Pandemic’ in March 2020, Ireland, like numerous other countries, introduced stringent lockdowns under the guise of preventing the spread of an alleged virus.

In reality, the forced closure of vast swathes of society served the purpose of making it virtually impossible for smaller businesses to operate, thus creating a greater dependence on corporate outlets such as Amazon.

As a result, the global lockdowns saw the greatest upwards transfer of wealth from the working and middle-classes in history, with corporate elements receiving upwards of $1tn in profit.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar a WEF ‘Young Global Leader’, is in my opinion on the inside track and is probably well briefed on the WEF agenda.

Meanwhile RTÉ was fully complicit in endorsing the ‘Pandemic’ narrative, WEF-linked scientist Luke O’Neill was a regular guest on The Late Late Showpresented by Ryan Tubridy in order to further its promotion.

The public broadcaster condemned Irish anti-lockdown protests as being ‘organised by the far-right’ which was in lock-step with similar mainstream media descriptions being ascribed to protests in New Zealand, France and Canada – each country also being under the respective rule of WEF ‘Young Global Leaders’, Jacinda Ardern, Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau.

Perhaps the most sinister aspect of RTÉ’s two-year promotion of the ‘Pandemic’ narrative however, was the use of children to promote uptake of the ‘Covid’ Vaccine during the The Late Late Toy Show in December 2020. Deputy Mattie McGrath raised the issue with Tubridy at one point during the Oireachtas committee grilling.

Tubridy denied receiving payments from Pfizer.

It must be noted he double down on his promotion of the vaccine by infamously using his radio platform to encourage listeners to disinvite guests from weddings who had not been vaccinated.

His incendiary remarks came at a time when access to bars, restaurants, hairdressers and gyms in the southern Irish state, was forbidden to those who had not yet received a ‘Covid’ jab, details of which were carried via a digital QR code on a smartphone that enabled users entry to facilities closed to the unvaccinated.

This enforced segregation, in Ireland and further afield, served as a dry-run for the introduction of mandatory digital ID, a key part of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ that the WEF envisages will come about as a result of the Great Reset, with the ultimate goal being a cashless society.

The corporate-government alliance will have full control over its citizen’s financial transactions and can easily impose sanctions against those it deems to be dissidents.

Indeed, this  situation played out during last year’s Freedom Convoy in Canada, when Justin Trudeau introduced emergency legislation to freeze the bank accounts of Truckers protesting against his decision to mandate that truck drivers re-entering Canada from the US had to be vaccinated.

A truly dystopian move, in my opinion and one that could be far more easily implemented in a society with no physical cash.

RTÉ has failed to comment or report on its role in promoting a two-year long near totalitarian type regime under the guise of a pandemic response that we are likely to see again in the future if the WEF succeeds with its agenda.

This is in stark contrast to the wall-to-wall coverage of the unusual methods to pay its chief propagandist.

It seems Tubridy’s paymasters are a far more newsworthy item than commenting on the pandemic response and exploring the possibility that it was a dry run for what lies ahead of us.

Gavin O’Reilly is a Dublin based activist.


The views expressed are those of the author