The Brutality of War: Shocking Video Footage Emerges from Ukraine’s Counter-Offensive

The brutality of war. Horrific images from Ukraine’s counter-offensive showing the bloody cost to the human beings in military uniform (video below). Viewer discretion advised.

It is estimated that Ukraine’s military have lost up to 400,000 soldiers killed in action. As corporate media and politicians romanticise the conflict, encouraging escalation through arming Ukraine further and stamping on international efforts to negotiate a ceasefire and peace-talks, the manhood of Ukraine is being wasted on the killing fields, sacrificed on the altar of arms manufacturing and human hubris.

Ukraine’s counter-offensive, nearing it’s fourth week, has failed to reach the first line of defence in Russia’s five-tiered defences between current battle-lines and Crimea, Ukraine’s stated ultimate objective. Time and again, Ukraine’s forces advance distances of several kilometers, sometimes capturing small villages, only to be bombarded with Russian artillery and air assaults and pushed back to their starting lines. Success is measured in the capture of the corners of farm-fields with hundreds sometimes dying for a half acre of crater-pocked land.

Will it take a change of administration in the United States before peace talks and a ceasefire can happen? and if so, how many more will die or be severely injured while the world waits?

Video below…