Up to 25,000 Attend ‘Anti-Racism’ Rally

Anti-Racism Demo, Dublin, 18/02/23
There was a big turnout today in Dublin City for a protest march styled as Anti-government and Anti-racist. Estimates place the crowd numbering at least 25,000.
There was a strong presence from both Sinn Féin and People before Profit (PBP) as well as a range of NGOs and Trade Unions. Various groups underlined their opposition to those described as “Far-Right”.
The protest passed peacefully through the city, starting at the Garden of Remembrance, arriving at custom House Quay via O’Connell Street.
The crowd finally assembled at a stage in front of the customs House where speakers and performers reinforced a message of an “Ireland for all” and opposition to protests which have taken place across Ireland against the arrival of asylum seekers and refugees housed in temporary accommodation within localities.
Richard Boyd Barrett invoked James Connolly in his speech when he quoted the lines… 
 “Let no Irishman throw a stone at the foreigner; he may hit his own clansman. Let no foreigner revile the Irish; he may be vilifying his own stock”. 
The veteran Folk music icon Christy Moore also read out a speech and led a rendition of ‘Viva la Quinta Brigada’, in a message which included calling shameful of the behaviour of some in society.
A speaker for ‘Clondalkin for All’ criticised government failures for the conditions which the “Far-Right” wish to exploit.