Video: Khan Compound Under Siege, Court lifts Arrest Warrant

Imran Khan inside his home displaying shells fired around the property
Breaking: Video compilation of Riots in Lahore, Pakistan, as the military dictatorship attempts to arrest former Prime Minister Imran Khan.
Khan was desposed last year in a military backed administrative coup that imposed the Shariff government into power.
One of the first acts of the new government in concert with the courts was to ban Imran Khan from politics for life.
Khan has proven a popular leader calling for independence for Pakistan in foreign relations. Last year Khan refused to participate in anti-Russian sanctions and also prohibited a US military Drone programme in Pakistan.
It was soon after this that he was deposed.
This afternoon it has been announced that a local Lahore Court has ordered an end to arrest attempt on Khan.
This comes after a night of civil unrest that saw khan’s home surrounded by supporters there to protect him from arrest. Watch video compilation below.