Watch: Moment Bomb Explodes in St Petersburg Cafe, Killing Russian Journalist/Blogger Vladlen Tatarsky

Video has emerged online of the moment a bomb ripped through a St Petersburg Cafe killing popular Russian war Journalist and Blogger Vladlen Tatarsky.

The Cafe bomb, suspected to be the work of Ukrainian Intelligence agencies, exploded whilst Tatarsky was holding an event at the cafe come bookshop in St Petersburg, Russia.

The woman suspected of planting the bomb survived the blast, and after wandering the city for a short time was eventually arrested.

Russian authorities have categorised the killing as a terrorist attack and claim that under interrogation the suspect admitted to her part in the bombing, saying that she had been recruited trough Ukrainian Telegram channels.

Authorities also say she has said that although she was aware the parcel contained “something bad”, she was not told directly that it was a bomb, and has claimed she was set-up by Ukraine’s intelligence services.

The video below is of the moment before and during the cafe bombing.