Irish people need to wake up and take action on the proposed WHO legally binding pandemic treaty to be agreed May 2024 that aims to take control over absolutely every aspect of citizens’ lives globally

The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) pandemic prevention and preparedness treaty is expected to be approved in May 2024 along with accompanying amendments to the international health regulations aiming to bestow on the director-general of the WHO the power to call a global public health emergency of international concern on the ‘suspicion’ or risk of an international incident.

It does not even have to be a pathogen affecting humans; it can be a pathogen affecting animals that could transfer to humans.

The right of sovereign governments to respond individually at local level to the declared pandemic would be suspended.

The WHO would have control over absolutely every aspect of citizens’ lives globally under this legally binding treaty.

The Director General of the world health organisation would have the power to decide when the pandemic or emergency is over and when he would give the power back to governments to control their response at local level.

The proposed new treaties would compress the mandatory reporting time for Governments to report a possible risk to public health to the WHO to 72 hours and the Director-general would have the power to make the decision on how to respond.

The position under the Irish constitution is that power flows from the people, not the other way around as it is, for example in the United Kingdom.

Powers entrusted by the Irish people to the Oireachtas cannot be given away by it, to unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats outside of the country without first consulting with the people via a referendum, in this case the power to direct policy on matters relating to public health.

Speaking earlier this month at a UK Parliament committee meeting, Andrew Bridgen MP said:

“Many experts are now saying that the two proposed instruments would fundamentally reset the relationship between citizens and sovereign states—not just in this country, but around the whole world.

The WHO is an unelected, unaccountable and top-down supranational body, and the treaties would empower its director-general to impose sweeping, legally binding directions on member states.

The WHO would have the power to…. shut down any business in this country, regardless of what local people think or even what this Parliament thinks.”

He went on to warn: “The proposed treaties would take away all the protections that being in a democracy offers, and they would take away article 3 of the original WHO constitution, which is about respect for human rights and dignity.

That would be replaced by a bland statement saying that there will be equity, which means that everyone would be treated equally. It also means that there would be only one solution to any international problem around the world…if the WHO got it wrong, the whole of humanity would get it wrong.”

The WHO will have a department of misinformation, which will be the arbiter of what the truth is during an emergency. There will be no room for scientists to present an alternative view.

YouTube removed Mr Bridgen’s speech to the committee and restored it after 3 days following a public outcry.

A Conservative spokesperson said: “Mr Bridgen was expelled from the Conservative party on 12 April following the recommendation of a disciplinary panel. He has 28 days from this date to appeal.”

In a statement, Bridgen said his expulsion “only confirms the culture of corruption, collusion and cover-ups which plagues our political system”. He said: “I have been a vocal critic of the vaccine rollout and the party have been sure to make an example of me. I am grateful for my newfound freedom and will continue to fight for justice for all those harmed, injured and bereaved due to governmental incompetence.”


On 29 November – 1 December 2021, the WHO’s World Health Assembly (WHA) met in a special session to discuss the pandemic treaty.

This was only the second ever special session of its kind in the history of the Assembly.

In this session, the WHA agreed to establish an Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) to draft and negotiate “a WHO convention, agreement, or other international instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.”

A zero draft of the proposed treaty was published by the INB at the beginning of February 2023.

The INB will deliver a progress report to the 76th World Health Assembly in May 2023.

By late May / early June, the first draft of the WHO will be distributed to Member States including Ireland.

The INB will hold further meetings and discussions throughout 2023 before it submits the final draft for consideration by the 77th World Health Assembly in May 2024.

The current chairperson of the WHO is Harsh Vardhan who was forced to resign his position as health minister in India over his promotion of an unregulated medical product.

The WHO is 86% funded by external sources, the second-largest donor after Germany is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

To date the proposed WHO pandemic treaty and accompanying amendments to the international health regulations has not been mentioned in the Dáil.

It’s time for Irish people to wake up to what’s happening and have their say in the transfer of our sovereignty over public health to the WHO which is a supranational body, unelected and unaccountable, based in Geneva whose employees are exempt from tax and they and their families all have diplomatic immunity and cannot be prosecuted.