Xi in Moscow: Chinese President Lands in Moscow for Key Meetings

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow for a state visit this morning. He is due a phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky in the next day and has already had ‘informal’  talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Although Western Corporate media and politicians have played down the visit by Xi JinPing to Moscow, many political analysts see it as a pivotal move that cements the China-Russia relationship, and in doing so further isolates the USA and Europe on the international stage.

China only last week brokered a warming of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and Chinese-Russian efforts look as though they will also bring about an end to hostilities between Syria and Turkey.

The United States in fast losing it’s position as arbitrator of world affairs, especially in the Middle-East.

In response to a planned call between Xi and Zelensky tomorrow and a much rumoured Chinese Peace deal proposal, a White-House spokesperson has said that a ceasefire in Ukraine would be unacceptable.